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Our Members' Feedbacks

Mike Australia

Beginning a new relationship always contains many obstacles and traps along the way. It is important to have support on any such journey. Of course a journey of love is no different. I have found my one true love. However, it was with your ongoing warm and continual care. I was guided to a completion and culmination of our romance. Without your consistent help the process would have been greatly prolonged or we would thought about doubt, uncertainty, as well as the great physical and cultural distances. However, thanks to you, I am now in love and I believe I have found my bride) Sincerely, Mike

Mick Pleasant Hill, the USA

Hey guys! I want to share my experience with you. Maybe it will help someone! I have tried plenty of services to find my love of life, but had no success. And some months ago I joined this website and was absolutely surprised with it! Plenty of beautiful ladies, big variety of different services and what is more important, I met wonderful lady there and for Christmas I am going to make a trip to Ukraine to meet my Tatiana! Which me luck guys! And I wish all of you the same luck to meet your beloved lady!

John Canada

Hi. I'd like to share my thoughts about this site... Registration here was quick. There were no problems with identification and recharge cards. Activated pretty quickly too, I was even pleasantly surprised with it. I do not know about others, but for me the site is quite simple to use, making it easy to me a lot and does not cause problems on my computer. If I have any problems or misunderstanding how to get to the site - the administration responds fairly quickly and help me about any questions. I hope that I will find the woman I'm looking for here.

Boris Poland

Thank you for what makes people happy. I have long suffered from loneliness. When I browse the Internet resources. I accidentally saw the site for dating MeetBrides. After reviewing it, I realized that here I can find a woman who will help brighten up my loneliness. View profile of girls, I realized that there are a lot of girls fit my type of ideal woman. After talking with them, I realized that the girls on this site can really help me in solving my problem. Now I met a woman who changed my life and made me happy. Now I don't spend my time in vain. All my free time I spend with her. What makes me happy. Thanks to this site that helped me start a new life and find their other half. Do not be afraid to change your life, start to act now. Make yourself happy.

Tim Australia

Well, will cut a long story short and say that everythign here is easy, good-quality, fast and pleases my eye... because so many beautiful women you won't find anywhere. Talking to them is a pure pleasure, cause you can see them, and they can also see you! Every time it seems like a real date, and not like you're just texting with someone. So, I can absolutely recommand this site to any men.

Maks Norway

Hello everyone! I'm sure that most of you think all these reviews are not for real, and to be honest I also was like that. But there's nothing better than get brave enough and find out yourself! I did myself and I am completely happy of it. I didn't have luck to find love so far, but I did make a few really good friends. And at least I'm doing something, trying... all the women here are really nice, and they are ready to meet, love and create a family. I'm sure for me it's just the matter of time. Good luck in your search, everyone

Dylan USA

Hi everyone, my name is Dylan i'm from the states (California) ... It turned out that i was a very busy man, work takes all my time and i could not understand how i can be so busy a man to arrange my personal life and my friend advised me to register dating site ... It was for me a few sites and one of them MeetBrides When i registered, i realized that there are too many beautiful girls, Ukrainian and Russian women are very beautiful! But I knew that I wanted to find a serious and an adult woman who is ready to create a family ... It was a woman Natalia from the Crimea, we talked about a year on the site, and the agency gave us an appointment in a year and now we got married two months ago, and i feel very happy man! If you're a busy man, I advise you acquainted with a woman with dating sites, this is a very good way ps I hope my review will help many people


Hello! My name is William. As soon as I registered on this site, I begin to talk with the girl, her name is Marina. After we talked for a long time on the site, she invited me to her home town, Odessa. We spent two unforgettable weeks After I left, we did not stop our communication. And agreed that the New Year was to celebrate together, we went to Egypt! It is not described in words, was like in a fairy tale and I would not like it to end. But all fairy tales have a happy ending) we are together and now we are building a new and happy family) wish all the same happiness and love for all of you !!

I enjoy dating site MeetBrides. This site played a key role in my search of second half.. After another break-up relationships I accidentally came across on the Internet,and found this site.. I decided to take a chance It's better than to sit and mourn my unhappy fate. So I registered on the site ... I have correspondence, communication with different people, a set of experience with beautiful ladies.. It is not easy to make a choice, but the main thing is to be yourself! I am very grateful for your service that you offer. I know all these ladies are real, as I had ability to see them on video. I like that they are also looking for serious relationships.. This site has great customer service... I always can get reply on questions I need. Also I like that site has blog, where I can get more interesting information about Ukraine and Ukrainian ladies, and also about woman in general. It is a pleasure to use your site, and I will be recommended it to my single friends!

Once upon a time... I saw her! I thought it was miracle, beautiful lady with incredible eyes. I didn't understand what happened with me, maybe it was love from the first sign...I don't know, but I wanted to see her in reality. Than we met and I understand this is exactly my woman, someone whom I searching all my life. I am really appreciate this site they gave me opportunity to meet such wonderful lady! I truly believe we are all deserve to love and to be loved, and we are all can meet the right person here. Just keep this faith and never give up!

Hal Macon, the USA

Hey guys! I want to leave some of my thoughts for you here. I want to thank you for creating such a nice place for on line dating like MeetBrides! When I joined it a year ago I was not sure where it will lead me. But now I have to confess that I really like using it for communication and search of my soul mate! It is easy to use, and there are lots of nice and beautiful ladies here! This is just a pure pleasure to talk to them. And despite the fact that I still haven't met my only love, though not all meetings lead us to happiness, but communicating is great as well! So to everyone who doubts I have to say - go ahead and register here! You will not regret about it!

Mike Mexico

Greetings Folks, let me thank you! You did great job when you created this site MeetBrides! It is fresh look! User-friendly services and quick responses to your questions, plenty of new ways to catch someone's attention and nice work these are the things which you will find here! And wow! How many amazing, beautiful, stunning and breathtaking ladies are here! I am really impressed and will recommend your site to all my friends who is willing to find their love in other countries of the world!

Karim Egypt

I always thought that online dating sites are designed only to deceive. And on these sites women sit just for fun. But when I registered on MeetBrides. I realized that this is not the case. This site really helps people to find love. MeetBrides very simple and user-friendly website. I have visited many dating sites. But they can not, compete with this website. As with the other sites it has some drawbacks. But solving these problems on this site is very fast. Administration of this site is constantly concerned about its users and takes into account our suggestions and complaints. I spend a lot of time on my work and I did not have time to search for my beloved. But this site has helped me to solve this problem. At last I met the woman of dreams. Thank you very much MeetBrides. I advise you to visit this site !!!