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Darina (ID: 351690) Offline
Status: I have only one desire...
Country: Ukraine
City: Nikolaev
Age: 23
Weight:120 lbs. (54kg.)
Height: 5'6" (1.68m)
Languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian
Hair color: Black
Hair length: Very long
Eye color: Blue
Marital status: Single
Life priorities: Creative realization, Emotional balance, Family, long term relations, Maximum of sex
Smoker: No
Drinker: No

Looking for : I think that appearance is certainly a trump card, but a trump ace in relation to me can be strong charisma. An interesting inner world of a man is what attracts me)) I want a man whose depth of soul can become a whole universe for me

About me : I have a flair for turning everyday moments into magical memories. Whether it's sipping coffee in a cozy cafe or dancing under the stars, I find joy in the simplest pleasures and believe that love is woven into the fabric of life.

Qualities that I appreciate in people the most : Authenticity, kindness, and a genuine passion for life. I value a compassionate heart, a creative mind, and someone who knows how to make me smile even on the cloudiest days.

My goals for the future : To continue growing my online clothing store, expanding its reach and touching the lives of fashion enthusiasts worldwide. I also aspire to find a love that matches the depth of my dreams, creating a partnership filled with love, support, and shared adventures.

My travel destinations (past or future) : From wandering through the historic streets of Paris to basking in the sun-kissed beaches of Santorini, I've been fortunate to explore some of the world's most romantic destinations. But there are still many dreamy places on my list, like walking hand in hand along the canals of Venice and discovering the vibrant culture of Tokyo.

I spend a lot of time thinking about (or my dream is) : Creating a world where love is celebrated, where hearts dance to the melody of romance, and where dreams are cherished and pursued. My ultimate dream is to build a love story that inspires others to believe in the magic of true love.

My favorite movies, books, music, shows : I adore classic romance movies that sweep me off my feet, novels that transport me to enchanting worlds, melodic tunes that tug at my heartstrings, and shows that capture the beauty of human connections.

My favorite food : I believe food tastes better when eaten in good company. I am ready to try everything if it's not too much exotic ... though.... who knows where the limits starts and where they are ending ;)

Pets in my life : Currently, my heart longs for the companionship of a furry friend, a loyal companion who understands the language of love. Until then, I find solace in cuddling with stuffed animals and daydreaming about the joy a pet would bring.

My hobbies and what I'm good at : I like sports, hiking, fishing, dansing and sweet romance ;)

Talking about sports : While I may not be the most athletically inclined, I appreciate the dedication and passion that sports bring to people's lives. I enjoy staying active with activities like yoga, dancing, and taking leisurely walks in nature.

The five things I can't live without : Love that fills my heart, dreams that ignite my spirit, the beauty of art that inspires my soul, laughter that brings lightness to my days, and one more secret thing I am willing to share it personally I hope...

You should message me if : Come find me when you’re ready to share every little part of your life with someone. Let's embrace the joy of life and see where our playful connection takes us.

Job : Passionate entrepreneur running an online clothing store that brings dreams to life, one stylish outfit at a time.