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Nadiia (ID: 703675) Online
Country: Ukraine
City: Zaporozhye
Age: 33
Weight:110 lbs. (50kg.)
Height: 5'1" (1.55m)
Languages: English, Russian
Body type: Athletic
Hair color: Black
Hair length: Averages
Eye color: Green
Ethnicity: European
Marital status: Single
Life priorities: Creative realization, Emotional balance, Family, long term relations, Public activity
Smoker: No
Drinker: No
Financial position: Stable average income
Place of residing: Apartment
Children: 2 children

Looking for : It is when I can eat from his plate, and he will not even swear) It is is when I say something funny without thinking, he will smile and say, "What a dummy you are, but only my beloved dummy") It is when he goes to the store at night to buy me my favorite donuts, if suddenly I can't sleep without them any way) An ideal relationship is mutual understanding and mutual respect. In which no one is trying to reeducate or remake. In which a man has real masculine strength and solves all problems on his own or consults with his wife and solves. In my ideal relationship, a woman does not pull everything on herself, she inspires a man for even greater feats and achievements. In my ideal relationship, a man is capable of surprises, romantic evenings, flowers and gifts for no reason. He devotes time to children and they take an example from him, since dad for them is an example to follow. In my ideal relationship, he is the king and she is his queen. Ideal relationship? Well, these are the ones in which there is mutual respect and understanding. Those in which there is love and common goals. Those in which a woman stimulates a man to new heights. Where husband and wife complement each other rather than trying to change. An ideal relationship, when a man is attentive, caring, solves all problems, no matter what it concerns. But at the same time, a romantic man who makes gifts, surprises, gives flowers just like that, attentive to children. The ideal relationship is the husband is the king and the wife is the queen.

About me : I have the superpower to be a piggy) I always manage to spill something on myself, dressing in light) And what is your superpower?) In the cinema, I fell down on the stairs, broke my heel and tore my tights when I tried to get away from watching a scary movie) I am a master at crashing a car, parking it backwards (can you teach me?) When I was a child, I dreamed of becoming a flight attendant, but, as it turned out, hobbits can’t get this job)) I love to shoot at the shooting range, as it turned out I am very good at it, so if you lose job, I can support family pretty well working as a snieper) Sometimes I am a capricious girl, do not scold me, ok?) But if seriously, first of all, I am real and true, I hate lies. I laugh only sincerely, sometimes even to tears) I value dedication and honesty. In our world, it is a rarity. For me, the worst thing is disappointment, whatever it may be. I consider myself a smart and wise woman, positive, joyful and thankful. I will come to help or give an advice when somebody needs it. I am a cheerful person, who loves life and knows how to enjoy it. My best qualities are self-confidence and passion for the unknown. I think it helped me to become who I am now - successful, sexy and desirable. There is only one thing missing - a loving man who will appreciate and support me. A person who can just laugh with me from the heart, a person who will sit me on his lap and say “My little girl, calm down, I will solve everything” And I, in return, I promise to thank him with love and loyalty. I am a very interesting conversationalist. It is not difficult for me to maintain a conversation. I always have my point of view, answers and also questions in topics I am not good enough. My judgments are always original and non-standard. Also, new knowledge for me is like a drug, absolutely in various industries. Self-confident personality with well-developed intuition and an analytical mindset - this is about me. I love learning new things. Now I am taking courses in investment, design, spirituality and the courses “Wise Woman” and “Secrets of Geisha”. I am fond of psychology. I love everything mystical. I believe in horoscopes. Bright, charming I love to read interesting literature (Irwin Shaw, Henry James, Ernest Hemingway, Jack London), books of biographies and memoirs (especially about the greatest women - from there I get information for my personal growth). Robert Green is one of my favorite writers. I adore the greatest psychologist - esotericist Alexander Palienko and I’m also a fan of Martha Stewart. I am interested in art, but my passion is architecture. I boldly follow the goals set in my life. I do not like to stand in one place. Dynamics is important for me, and not only in development. Sports, acquaintance with other countries and their cultures, new meetings - all this is mine. Nowadays girls are often puzzled only by their appearance and evaluate men by the size of their wallet. My opinion - a woman should not be limited only by the framework of beauty - all this should complement the mind and her own achievements. Successful men do not need empty dolls. For me, the concept of a successful man is not one who has earned a lot, but one who has goals and aspirations, as well as one who is hardworking, persistent, patient - you will never be lost with such a man. Having right woman near will help him to achieve everything. When you decide to meet me, you will see that I have incredible charisma, great charm and a rich inner world. Bright enough and unforgettable. After meeting me, all other women will become dull for you) I combine diversity. I can easily cook you a delicious breakfast, fool around with you in pajamas, go to a business meeting, jump with a parachute, play the console with children, calculate accounting and draw up contracts, write a script and in the evening in sexy clothes meet you from work, make massage, support and listen, make for you a protective amulet, end the evening with a mesmerizing night. If I am the one you dreamed and searched for all your life, if you do not like monotony, like me, then we are created for each other.

My hobbies and what I'm good at : My hobbies are related to emotions. Noone person can win me at backgammon or poker, how do you think you will succeed?)) I love to taste new wines and dishes (You will have to look after me so that I will not get drunk, otherwise you will go swimming in the fountain with me))). I will never refuse traveling by car (I like to talk a lot while driving, please do not get me out of the car, you can just glue my mouth))). When I want to run away from the daily routine, camping or trips to the mountains come to my rescue, to go sledding (I can get lost, so I always carry a compass with me). Boat trips are my pleasure. I love watching movies with meaning, as well as educational TV shows. I love reading psychological books, they teach a lot and open my eyes to many situations. Especially such books help to "read" people. After all, psychology is a very subtle science. And I also adore listening to Alexander Palienko, a direct balm for my soul. This psychologist excites my mind. His overwhelming energy always energizes me, even when I watch video tutorials. I also really like to travel and the sea. Near the water it is better to think, and interesting ideas come to my mind. The sea is always soothing.

Job : IT, translator

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