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Larisa (ID: 381713) Offline
Country: Ukraine
City: Kherson
Age: 29
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Looking for : I need a reliable, loyal, attentive, caring man. You can always rely on. With whom it is never boring, and so that he can help with the housework, so that he does not blame everything on me. So that he was a romantic, just like me, but knew when to show masculine strength. So that he was such a family man, he loved me and his children. I want a sporty man, but not a simple pitching man, I want him to develop spiritually too. So that he was self-sufficient and knew his own worth, but did not humiliate me, but, on the contrary, put me on a level with him.

About me : I am a responsible person I approach everything wisely. And not when I do not give up half the way. I am a very kind girl sympathetic ,gentle I love to give affection and accept it. I am punctual, I always come at the appointed time for a meeting, and do not miss it. You will not get bored with me, because I am very funny. I am a housekeeper, I like to keep an eye on the house, it never gets dirty at my house. There is always prepared food. A reliable girl, you can always rely on me.

My goals for the future : Open your clothing store

My travel destinations (past or future) : Paris

My hobbies and what I'm good at : I love going to the cinema, enjoying the movie, especially when it is in a big company. I like to play bowling, I love to beat my friends and score the most points. I also like table tennis and billiards. I love fishing, I love sitting on the river, relaxed, waiting for the catch. I like to sit on a picnic, with friends, play some board games. I love trips to the sea, swimming and sunbathing, I like to enjoy the sea sunset and sunrise. I like to cook and I cook very tasty.

The five things I can't live without : phone, mirror, cosmetics

Job : administrator , waiter