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Inna (ID: 997635) Online
Status: Will I find my prince?...
Country: Ukraine
City: Cherkassy
Age: 20
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Looking for : I always dreamed of a man who will be older than me! Such a person who next will be able to give me experience and knowledge in the sacrament of love. And do you think you have enough experience to conquer me? I really want to be subdued by a strong hunter! And do you have enough strength for that, or are you going to get up already? waiting for you!

About me : I was raised by my aunt and she replaced my mother, she was my role model, she is strong, she is a self-confident woman and I would like to be like her. But I am very afraid that I am not ready for a family, so I am not looking for a partner for life now, I am looking for a relationship, and a person who will teach me to love. And if everything works out, he can be for the rest of my life, I hope.. But I'm not afraid to be. What else to say? oh yes, I'm a gymnast, hehe This is my little hobby and I love it very much