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Oksana (ID: 656087) Offline
Country: Ukraine
City: Kherson
Age: 29
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Looking for : I need a man with whom I will be happy. Who will love me and protect me. He will not offend me. Give me a lot of warmth and care. I want us to be emotionally on the same wave. I want him to be fun with a good sense of humor. Able to relax not only with friends but also with his family. That he be in charge. That he be strong in spirit. In order not to be conflicted. I want to live in peace and tranquility. So that harmony always prevails in the house. I want him to be loyal. Sensitive. Gentle so I can feel his strength. So I am not afraid anyone could hurt me. It is important for me that he be honest because I love when any relationship is built on trust. respect and understanding.

About me : I am always positive. I rarely have a bad mood and this is very good because I try to share an excess of positivity with others. I like to develop spiritually and physically. I try to read as much literature as possible visit the theater galleries and various interesting events. I stubbornly go to my goals. I use my time correctly which is why I аm always punctual. I am responsible. I have the qualities of a leader but at the same time. I am calm and soft girl. I take everything close to my heart. I will always come to the rescue help physically and mentally. I like not to think standard. I have many different ideas that I implement.

My goals for the future : I dream of building a strong family and traveling around the world.

My travel destinations (past or future) : Canada, New York, Paris

My favorite movies, books, music, shows : Tres metros sobre el cielo, Sara Gio "Quiet Words of Love"

My favorite food : sushi

My hobbies and what I'm good at : I love cooking. I do it very well. I like to delight relatives and friends with goodies. Since childhood I have been engaged in sports. I like to play tennis and volleyball. I do fitness and eat the right food because I think that the girl is obliged to monitor the health of her body and the beauty of the figure. I like to spend my free time actively. I like going to nature. going to the mountains. swimming. I аm always interested in learning something new. I have nоt been to other countries but I have plans. And so I travel with friends in Ukraine. I also like to watch historical films. They also have a lot of interesting and cognitive. I like to read novels and psychology.

Talking about sports : football, tennis

Job : seamstress