Impress With Your Online Dating Profile Photo.

    If you think that your choice of photo to associate with your online profile doesn’t really matter, think again. The fact is the profile photo is one of the main factors in determining whether an online dater will give your profile a second look. And if you were thinking about not associating a photo with your profile, don’t expect to get any responses. Many online daters specify their searches through online dating profiles to only show results of people with photos. The online dating profile photo is a vital component in determining your success in the world of online dating.
    Your gut reaction may be to put up the best picture you have of yourself when choosing your photo for your online dating profile. It is understandable that you would want to make yourself look as attractive as possible online…after all, you are looking for a date right? Well, it might be a better idea to pick a profile that is a little more representative of how you really look, not how you wish you looked.
    As mentioned above, the profile photo is one of the main things that convince a man or woman to approach another as a potential match online. If you put up a photo that does not accurately represent how you really look (your photo is several years old, you have gained 20 lbs since your photo was taken, or your photo has been altered to make you look more attractive) your date will inevitably get the wrong impression of how you look. You run a high risk of disappointing your date and developing trust issues right off the bat when you meet in person and look quite a bit different than he or she was expecting.
    At the same time, make sure your photo is both realistic and flattering. Even though you don’t want to give an inaccurate impression about how you really look, remember, you are still trying to get a date. Don’t post a picture in your online dating profile of the time when you were four months overdue for a haircut or the day you forgot to put on make-up. Ask a friend or two which photos of you bring out your best qualities while still giving a realistic impression of what you look like on a good day.
    If you have the option to put up multiple photos of yourself, do so. For your main profile photos it is probably best to get a nice head and sholder shot so that your profile browsers can get a good sense of what you look like. But, take advantage of the multiple photo option by using it as an opportunity to show off some of your more unique features and personality traits. Choose photos that show you having fun, participating in outdoor activities, or posing in beautiful natural settings.

Additional Online Dating Profile Photo Tips

- Don’t put up photos of you with other people. The person browsing your profile may not know which person you are and may be more attracted to the person posing with you.

- Make sure you are smiling in your photo. You want to give a potential match the impression that you are a happy person ready to start a happy and positive relationship.

- Don’t post photos that reveal personal information about your work or living space. If you post a picture of you standing in front of your house with the address showing a sign to your office building, you may be revealing more information to online dating members than you wanted to. Keep your photo as anonymous as possible.

- Keep in mind what you want to portray to others when choosing your photo. Don’t put up pictures of you drinking or drunk, flashing the camera, or flipping the bird if you are looking for a serious romantic relationship.