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Vitalina (ID: 1369804) Offline
Status: As we age, we begin to value only care...
Country: Ukraine
City: Khmelnitsky
Age: 26
Weight:140 lbs. (64kg.)
Height: 5'5" (1.65m)
Languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian
Body type: Average
Hair color: Blond
Hair length: Long
Eye color: Blue
Ethnicity: European
Marital status: Single
Children: No children
Life priorities: Creative realization, Emotional balance, Family, long term relations, Material welfare, Maximum of sex, Public activity
Smoker: No
Drinker: Socially drinker
Life priorities: Other
Financial position: Stable income
Place of residing: Apartment

Looking for : Every evening when I look at the starry sky, my heart is filled with tenderness and warmth. I dream of love, of that sincere and deep connection that can unite me with my soulmate. I believe that somewhere there, under the same sky, my soulmate is also striving to meet in order to create a strong and happy family together. I imagine our future: a cozy home filled with the laughter of children, sincere hugs after a hard day, evenings by the fireplace when we share our dreams and plans. I want to be a support and support for him, to be the person to whom he will trust his heart selflessly. My soul longs for love and understanding, and I am ready to give all of myself to the one who will become my companion on this exciting journey called “family.” I believe that meeting him will change my life forever, filling it with joy, love and harmony. And I will be grateful for every day spent next to him, because in his arms I will find my home and my happiness.

About me : I am a creative person with a huge imagination and passion for art. My life is filled with bright colors and moments that I love to capture on canvas or in poetry. I love traveling, meeting new people and immersing myself in different cultures. My personality is balanced: I am calm and attentive to details, but sometimes I can be a little eccentric and impulsive. I believe in goodness and try to make the world brighter with my creativity and smile.

My hobbies and what I'm good at : I am a true connoisseur of art and beauty. My hobbies are filled with the bright colors of life. I love to draw: every stroke on the canvas is an opportunity for me to express my thoughts and feelings. When I pick up a brush, the world around me comes alive. In addition, I am interested in photography. Behind the scenes, I try to capture moments that will be remembered for a lifetime. My portfolio contains amazing moments and the beauty that I see around me. When I'm not creating, I'm immersed in the world of literature. Books for me are an opportunity to immerse myself in other realities and experience incredible adventures. My hobbies make my life bright and rich, fill it with inspiration and joy.

Job : beauty master