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Status: Fortune smiles on the brave.)))...
Country: Ukraine
City: Khmelnitsky
Age: 24
Weight:110 lbs. (50kg.)
Height: 5'10" (1.78m)
Languages: English, Ukrainian
Body type: Thin
Hair color: Light blonde
Hair length: Long
Eye color: Green
Ethnicity: European
Marital status: Single
Children: No children
Life priorities: Creative realization, Emotional balance, Family, long term relations, Maximum of sex
Smoker: No
Drinker: No
Life priorities: Other
Place of residing: Apartment
Financial position: Other

Looking for : In my search for a companion, I'm drawn to a man who shares my passion for the wilderness. A man who can confidently make a fire, set up a tent with skill, and most importantly, savor the simple joys of spending quality time together in the midst of nature's beauty. I believe that such shared experiences can create lasting bonds and unforgettable memories. My search for a man is a search for a soulmate. He is a soul who finds solace in the embrace of nature, a kindred spirit drawn to the rustling leaves, the whispering winds, and the serenity of open spaces. Camping becomes not just an outdoor adventure but a shared journey where we build memories under the starlit sky. Romance, like a gentle breeze, weaves its way through our days, creating a tapestry of shared laughter and quiet moments. His heart beats in rhythm with mine, and together we navigate the terrain of life with resilience and compassion. I seek the one who not only appreciates the beauty of the world around us but also mirrors the beauty within. Through the forest of possibilities, I envision a connection that is as sturdy as the oldest trees and as dynamic as the changing seasons. This search is not just for a companion; it is for a kindred spirit with whom to dance through the intricate choreography of life.

About me : I am a vibrant and energetic young woman with a cascade of blonde hair that frames my face, complementing the warmth in my big, expressive eyes. As a dedicated and nurturing individual, I have found fulfillment in my job as a nanny. In this role my caring nature and genuine love for children shine through. Beyond caregiving responsibilities, I channel my creativity and passion into the kitchen, finding joy in the art of cooking. There is a saying : "Ukrainian dishes are very tasty because are cooked with love!"The aroma of delicious meals fills my space, creating an inviting atmosphere. In my leisure time, you immerse myself in the world of literature, with a penchant for losing myself in the pages of captivating books. The written word serves as a gateway to imagination, expanding horizons and fueling my intellectual curiosity. Also I share a deep connection with horses, finding solace and exhilaration in the rhythmic motion of riding. Whether it's the wind in my hair or the quiet moments in the stables, these experiences bring me a sense of peace and connection with nature. I very want to meet the right man, my perfect match and create a family

Job : Babysitter