Ruslana (ID: 381733)
Kherson 19 years old
Name: Ruslana
Country: Ukraine
Age: 19
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Looking for (why I have registered for Russian Brides site) : I want an honest loving man. So that he takes place as a person, and knows what he wants from life. So that he was hard-working and not lazy, not afraid of work and could provide for his family. So that he loved his family and was always a mountain on them. I want to feel with a man like a stone wall. So that you understand me, and can always support me, I want there to be mutual understanding and equality in the family. To love children, and can take care of them. To be affectionate, gentle and most importantly, cheerful.

About me : I am a Cheerful person who loves to joke and always open to new acquaintances. I am a very gentle nature, I love a measured life. She is very kind, I cannot offend anyone, I can always help. I am an affectionate girl, I like to give and receive affection. I want to find my soul mate in order to create a strong and long-term relationship with her. I love nature and walking with friends. I take a lot of things to heart, I react badly to bad words.

My goals for the future : marry , have my own house

I spend a lot of time thinking about (or my dream is) : to became a designer of clothing

My favorite food (many Russian brides love cooking ) : shawarma

My hobbies and what I'm good at (many Ukrainian women have various hobbies) : I love to draw and paint very well, many of my paintings hang in my house and I enjoy them every day. I love listening to music, especially alone, dancing to it, singing songs. I sing very well, I used to go to singing and studied professionally. I love to play sports and maintain my figure. I enjoy watching movies while sitting with friends or relatives. I also love to walk in nature or go to some kind of institution. I love walks, especially night walks under the moon. I love looking at stars and constellations.

You should message me if : Hi, my name is Ruslana. I am on this site looking for love and a partner. I would very much like to get to know you better, to communicate with you. I am a sweet, sympathetic girl. I love communication, walks, especially walks under the moonlight, night walks. I love to draw, listen to music and sing. I am a very bright and open person. I told about myself in a nutshell, and now I would like to know you. What is your hobby? What do you like to do in your free time? Have you traveled somewhere? I will wait for your reply.

Job : student