Viktoriya (ID: 378663)
Warshawa 30 years old
Name: Viktoriya
Country: Poland
Age: 30
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Looking for (why I have registered for Russian Brides site) : I am looking for little bit crazy man who like to break rules but at the same way he must be intelligent and smart and funny. I know it is rare mix of features but i still believe such man exsist and i plan to find him here. You must be positive and the man who will support me when i am sad, but i am sad very rare so support me in some other time. My man should know how to work with hands and other parts of his body. You found something that sound like you? Write me.

About me : My life like a long road, unpredictable and meandering. Some times I go by rules, but there is a moments when you must broke all rules and live in your pleasure. I can be calm and little bit crazy, but I am like a speed that force your heart to beat faster. My life like movie, maybe fiction or comedy, by the way my favorite Some Like It Hot After watching it I want to make my life sweet like Sugar. I want be one from Ukraine girls who will ride your roads.

Qualities that I appreciate in people the most : Activity and humor

My goals for the future : I want big and strong family

My travel destinations (past or future) : I love to travel, no matter how or when, but drive!

I spend a lot of time thinking about (or my dream is) : About universe and how it was created

My favorite movies, books, music, shows (many Ukrainian ladies are versatile) : I have really many

My favorite food (many Russian brides love cooking ) : i love mostly unhealthy food but eat only healthy

Pets in my life (many Ukrainian girls adore pets) : do not have pets right now but gladly will have one with you

My hobbies and what I'm good at (many Ukrainian women have various hobbies) : I have soooo many of them

Talking about sports (many Russian ladies like sports) : I love sport very much, many kinds

You should message me if : Write me if you like me and something

Job : I am administrator of my own company.